Work hard at being happy, and everything else will fall into place.

To the cynic, the most honest truisms come off as platitudes. But E1 has been pretty successful living by these words. The individuals on our team make time for themselves, and they come to work every day with the same buoyant enthusiasm for doing what they love. Our team is an odd conglomeration of passionate hobbyists and eccentric specialists. We brew, and then drink, our own beer together. We share recipes and film recommendations. Nurturing all-encompassing tastes and the habits of a polymath mind, we feel, is the best first step in a fuller life and fertile ground for innovation. That is, our avant-gardism is a byproduct of our collective passion for our work, not something tacked on in an attempt to sell an image.

Having a personal stake in making things work, beyond immediate goals of financial gain, and being more keyed in to big-picture thinking about our local and common community, is what we take to heart.

Acknowledging the unique

Every project demands being confronted with a nimble and open mind. At E1, we promote a seamlessly cooperative working environment by making fluid the boundary lines of departmentalization. Our team combines individual expertise that ensures that the cutting edge is maintained with an openly collegial atmosphere that crosses disciplines and encourages earnest collaboration and innovative points of view.



Playing at work; working at play

You never know when the innovation that will change the world will strike you, or what help you’ll require in manifesting that game-changing idea. The philosophy that drives E1 is one of balance between work and play, of even the blurring the lines between the two. That is, we encourage a healthy interplay between work and personal life, and presume that these two spheres needn’t be mutually exclusive.

Not shy around a well-crafted beer or a deftly prepared meal, the E1 team plays well together and shares enthusiasm for working inventively together to move projects forward.

Work should be something you love, and engages your creativity.