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Portrait Photography with natural light

Portrait Photography with natural light

Shadows shadows everywhere! Yes, it was a rather gloomy day, with dark clouds and thunder warnings threatening us to go fast or go home, we need to figure a way to make this work. Yes we have brollies, flashes and reflectors. But sunsets are beautiful!

That coming from someone with no experience in professional portrait photography. What do we know right?

But it’s been fun and enriching, to hang out with a rather big group of photography enthusiasts as well as experienced professional photographers during the weekend, to learn a few great techniques from one another. Not to forget, we get to borrow someone else’s equipment to ‘test’ it out and hopefully not be tempted and feel the need to purchase every damn goodie.

Although the main objective of this weekend’s session is to gain some knowledge on portrait photography using multiple flashes, diffusers and black brollies – which at this stage, the practical usage is still way too advance for an amateur like me – I find that what’s really charming is still capturing natural moments with whatever nature have for us, however insufficient it is. Never mind if we couldn’t get everything we want.

With a 35mm Fuji lens, aperture wide open at 1.4, ISO400, shutter speed of 1/100, and a great fella to hold onto the reflector to reflect light from the sunset that could only show her glory for 15mins before the rain start pouring, I manage to capture a rather bright picture of the gentleman with the right amount of softness that i prefer my pictures to be.

More to learn…